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health and safety issues

There are thousands of peer-reviewed articles published over the last 30 years documenting the harmful effects of EMF (Electric & Magnetic Fields). 5G carrier companies have set aside zero funds for research and claim that there are no existing studies citing possible harm to humans. No mass rollout should proceed until such testing is performed. Every city council has the duty to insure that its citizens are protected from any kind of environmental harm. 

5G, Internet of Things and Data Privacy

The blind haste by Big Tech to erect a 5G network is driven by the gold mine of data to be collected from devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).  Globally, it is estimated that the IoT will have 38.5 billion devices in 2020, up 285% since 2015.  Cisco forecasts 500 billion connected devices by 2030. This includes devices in Smart Homes, Smart Cities, cell phones, industrial plants, autonomous vehicles, surveillance cameras, building censors, retail products and much more. 

Smart Region Initiative and Regional Governance

In Tempe, Arizona State University is partnering with the Institute For Digital Progress and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council to create the Smart Region Initiative in order to create Smart City policies for the entire metro-Phoenix region. This region covers 4.8 million people and 66 incorporated and unincorporated cities and communities. This consortium imposes regional governance and strips cities of their native sovereignty and rights to self-determination. Regionalism is also unconstitutional.


Why Actual Citizens Don't Have A Seat At The 5G Table...

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