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How Globalization Hurts Arizona

What is Globalization?

Globalization is the transformation of a state, county or city to conform to global standards of business and political policies. Wherever it is applied, it strips sovereignty from local entities and opens the door for international exploitation. Globalization is both opportunistic and predatory, primarily benefitting the profit motives of large global corporations. Some global organizations that promote globalization include the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and central banks around the world. Some global corporations who promote globalization include members of Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Banks, etc.

Even if they say that they are, these are NOT our friends. The trickle-down philosophy of globalization is likened to shucking an oyster: the goal is to pop open the shell and grab the pearl inside, leaving the oyster do deal with its own broken shells while the pearl is long gone. In short, globalists will do anything to gain an advantage in Arizona, with the certain goal of putting our wealth and resources in their pockets.

Are we anti-Free Enterprise or anti-business? Absolutely not! We love business and labor alike. What we don’t like is the outside exploitation of our resources, labor and talents. Secondly, we don’t want Arizona to be vulnerable to hiccups in the global supply chain.

Can You Give Me Some Examples?

When any policy or initiative is seen being implemented in multiple countries at the same time you can be certain that it is being orchestrated by a global corporation or other global organization. Things just don’t magically appear everywhere in the world at the same time without careful planning and a massive organization. Here are a few examples.

Mandated vaccines – Big Pharma vaccine makers are pushing government-mandated vaccines everywhere in the world because it locks in massive profits for years to come. When customers are pushing back from buying vaccines in the first place, what better way to get them back to the table than use force? This is not a discussion on the merits of vaccines, but rather the citizen’s right to choose their own health care.

Smart Energy Grid – The WiFi-enabled smart meters on homes and businesses were a global initiative started in 2009 to collect personal data on energy usage throughout society. Furthermore, the program was designed to interconnect with so-called “alternative energy” sources like solar panels and wind turbines. Smart Grid technology also incorporates water and natural gas usage. Studies have shown that consumer energy bills rise when Smart Grid technologies are implemented, in spite of promises for lower energy bills by energy companies.

Alternative Energy – Arizona has been a leader in converting sunlight into energy for at least 75 years, but always as a personal choice. However, global alternative energy programs originated at the United Nations and quickly spread to global corporations who make solar panels and wind turbines. These global initiatives have been promoted to communities in every nation on earth, but many have already ended in failure. In addition, alternative energy significantly raises consumer energy bills. Thus, Arizonans should be extra resistant to any initiative that is being pushed and funded by anyone outside of Arizona.

Smart City Policies – Using advanced technology for Smart City initiatives is also a global initiative, resulting in massive surveillance and data collection on everything that moves within a city or town. Many technologies are beneficial to serve a citizen’s personal interests, but when any technology is used by government to control or modify citizen behavior, it immediately threatens our civil liberties and right to privacy. 

Education – Arizona is riddled with harmful education policies and curriculum that originated from global initiatives, such as the United Nations. Historically, Arizonans have been perfectly able to design and provide an effective education system for all levels of students. For the tens of thousands of education professionals in Arizona, many of whom receive tax-payer funded salaries, we should demand our right to self-determination. 

Regionalization – Regional governance schemes overrule duly elected city and county representatives and are unconstitutional.  The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states, “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government.” The federal government, the state of Arizona, our counties and cities have all failed to block regional governance organizations that now cover the entire state with eight Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and six Councils of Governments (COGs). 

Are There Arizona Citizens Who Collaborate With Globalization?

Absolutely. But that is an internal problem for the rest of us to deal with. When globalization comes knocking with hundreds of millions of dollars in payola, we can fully expect that many strategically-placed residents and officials will scramble to get their share. Arizona has a capable political system, rules and procedures to deal with differing views, opinions and practices. In other words, while shunning outside forces, Arizonans can take care of themselves just fine, as they have done for over 100 years since statehood.

What Can I Do?

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